If you are considering a change of career or wish to add to your current skill-set, becoming a plumber could be the right move for you. In the current challenging economic climate the plumbing industry perhaps offers more job security and demand than many other career options. Undertaking one of the many plumbing courses that are on offer can help you to solidify your reputation as a dedicated trades-person or can open up new avenues to employment. With the changing climate we have been experiencing in recent years demand has never been higher. There are frozen pipes and defective central heating systems in winter and floods in the summer, resulting in a heavy workload for plumbers at all times of the year. It has reached the point where many have to turn down work such is the demand for their time and expertise.

Few occupations are recession-proof, but plumbing is certainly one of them, as people will always need experts to deal with their defective water and central heating systems. A fully qualified plumber can expect to earn in the region of