Considering a career as a Gas Engineer?

If you are looking into the idea of becoming a gas engineer then hopefully this blog will give you some idea of what it takes to get to that position. We have been teaching this trade for a very long time, in fact, over 10+ years of education on this particular subject - We know what it takes to take a student from the absolute basics to becoming a fully qualified, working Gas Safe Registered Engineer! There is no better place to learn, qualify and advance; Let's take a look at the steps to becoming an Engineer in this trade...

Firstly, if you are afraid that you have no experience and that it might affect you in some way then bury those doubts, we have specially designed courses for new entrants! For example, our New Entrant Gas Training Package 2 will only consist of students in the exact same boat as you, everybody will be starting with either a small amount of experience or simply none at all.

Gas courses

The Gas Engineers Of Tomorrow At Able Skills

This particular course consists of three parts, firstly, a 7-week training program that will start with the basics and move towards more advanced practical skills including; training on aspects of health and safety-relevant within the gas industry, including asbestos awareness, training to work safely around electrical systems, the use of copper and low carbon steel so that your pipe skills are established at an acceptable standard, domestic gas safety and much more.

Following on from there it will be time for 'Portfolio completion' which involves working on-site along with an already registered Gas Engineer to collect evidence that you can carry out a variety of diffrent jobs with the skills learnt during our 7-week programme! Finally, you will be on your way to completing an ACS assesment which is a competence test of sorts during which you will be tested on a range of skills and knowledge. After you have completed all three of these aspects you will be ready to seek employment in this field, except, Gas is the one trade where every worker must be part of the governing body that oversees the safety of Gas work in the UK, also known at the Gas Safe Register!

How do I become Gas Safe Registered?

It is much easier than you think and can be done online for an application fee of £365 which will save you a pretty penny if caught carrying out illegal gas work! To apply you will need to have completed a recognised competency test either an NVQ or an ACS!

An ACS  assessment will need to be completed before you are eligible for Gas Safe registration and this is a requirement for all operatives involved in the installation, maintenance and servicing of domestic gas appliances and pipe-work installations. Also, every Gas Safe registered business renews their registration on an annual basis and updates their qualifications every 5 years, meaning you will need to refresh your memory on gas safety every 5-years!

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If you would like to contact us regarding the Gas courses and Gas training packages that we offer then contact us by calling on 01322 280 202! Otherwise, if you would like to meet a representative in person, then come into our office! That's right you can come into our office we invite potential students to simply walk in during opening hours (8:30 - 16:30) to ask questions, seek guidance, enrol and even to look around our centre to get a feel for the learning environment that you will experience whilst on a course!


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Gas courses

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