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New Electrical course dates!

The demand for the Level 2 Electrical course and our other electrical courses just keeps on coming. With our up and coming courses fully booked we have scheduled some more start dates that are now available on the Able Skills website.

As there is currently a push for more affordable housing to be built across the UK and a skills shortage, more and more skilled workers will be needed. Electricians are one of the highest workforce in demand as every new build will need electrical installations. Companies out there are always looking for more Electricians.

Because of this more and more people are deciding to change their careers and train to become Electricians. There is always work available as every house or building in the UK has some form of electrics.

Students working hard on the current Level 2 Electrical Course. Students working hard on the current Level 2 Electrical Course.

With Electricians needed across the UK this is a fantastic opportunity for people to make a career change and start something new. We offer full training packages at Able Skills that allow our students to begin as a beginner and leave Able Skills as a fully qualified Electrician.

Our January Level 2 Electrical course dates went extremely fast due to the high demand and we have recently added in three more dates for next year. These new dates can be booked across four different packages and can be booked right now.

The new dates are:

  • Monday 24th April
  • Monday 22nd May
  • Monday 5th June

We offer four different packages that begin with the level 2 course and these allow our students to take the route that allows them to achieve exactly what they want from the course. Our four packages are:

If you are interested in starting a new career in 2017 and becoming an Electrician, then contact Able Skills today on 01322 280202 for more information.