Breakdown firms may need to send more of their employees on an electrical course in the future to prepare them for the growth in popularity of electric cars.

Speaking to the Telegraph, General Motors vice-president for global programme management Jon Lauckner claimed that there will be plenty of people stuck on the side of the road, unable to get their eco-friendly car started again.

"Just look at the claims of some manufacturers. You only need schoolboy physics to see they can't be right," he was quoted as saying.

As a result, the publication noted that breakdown firms will need to ensure that their staff have completed the correct electrical courses, so that they can diagnose the problem with such a vehicle.

The newspaper pointed out that the future of this type of machinery is not completely clear, but manufacturers are preparing for battery cars to potentially become popular.

This week, the Northern Echo revealed that the car batteries for Nissan and Renault electric vehicles are set to be made at a new facility in the north-east of England.

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