An electrician training course could be a good idea for women who have become disillusioned with their current professions, according to a Philadelphia worker.

Speaking to the Philadelphia Inquirer, Monika Kruemmling said that she began getting bored with life working in an office and as a result decided to look for something new.

Deciding that a job as an electrician would be both intellectually stimulating and practical, she trained up and eventually created her own business, Mighty Mo Electric.

She commented: "I thought I would be happier working with my hands. A career in electrical work makes a lot of sense, as much of it is intellectual trouble-shooting."

"Electrical theory is as important as the actual mechanics of the job."

People looking for a change in career could follow Ms Kruemmling's lead and take an electrical or plumber training course.

Mighty Mo Electric offers free estimates, as well as affordable and careful work, according to its website.

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