Bricklaying is a great trade to pursue. Bricklayers are always needed, here’s how to get involved:

We provide an Introduction to bricklaying course. This short introductory course is ideal for those of you who want to gain some basic bricklaying skills with a City and Guilds certificate at the end. This course is entirely hands-on with lots of content providing a great insight into the requirements of bricklaying. If you are considering achieving a bricklaying qualification but are unsure, this course will definitely help you to make up your mind.

If you like maximising your time out in the open air, then being a bricklayer is sure to appeal to you. That’s because the majority of the time is spent outdoors. Some projects do require you to work at varying heights too – so if you don’t mind being ‘a bit off the ground’ now and then, you should have no problem either.

Bricklaying isn’t all about bricks and mortar. Before you begin building something you’ll need to know what you’re building and the best way to go about it. This requires the ability to read off plans and having a technical aptitude to understand a project, and correctly follow it through to completion.


The average bricklayer earns 10 per cent more than the typical architect, according to research.  A poll by the Federation of Master Builders (FMB) found that brickies earned £42,034 on average compared to £38,228 for architects across the UK. Floorers, scaffolders and plasterers also earn more and one firm was paying London bricklayers £90,000 a year.

There is clearly a big increase in pay for these trades, bricklaying is a prime opportunity to get involved with, learn with us here at Able Skills and be on your way to earning like this too. Therefore pursuing a career in construction is becoming an increasingly savvy move, if you're already in employment but don't see yourself getting higher up on your current sector, consider a change to a market that is increasing in opportunity and value.

What you’ll learn:

The 5-day Bricklaying course at Able Skills has been recognised by City & Guilds as a comprehensive introduction to bricklaying and if you choose this option to learn bricklaying, you will receive a City & Guilds certificate to recognise the time spent with us.

This is an ideal beginners course and throughout the 5 days, you will learn aspects of bricklaying ranging from setting out building lines to covering brick and block work. Hopefully, once you will have completed this course you will feel confident in not only your ability to get some basic bricklaying done in the correct way with the beginning knowledge learned in the course.

If you decide to pursue it further:

If you are up for learning more about aspects of bricklaying and feel that you would like to achieve a qualification then Able Skills offers a City and Guilds qualification option and also an NVQ Level 2 bricklaying course. To set you on the right path to gaining a fully fledged career in the trade. You will also gain a lot of knowledge of the trade and feel as though you can go out into the real world with the ability gained at Able Skills and produce good quality work with professionalism and know-how.

Additional Information:

This is a real hands-on practical course. You will undertake a variety of tasks to ensure that you have a good, basic understanding. If you decide to upgrade to City & Guilds qualifications, we will take into account the time already spent on the course and also deduct the course fees already paid.

We offer many different bricklaying courses in this trade from 6 - 10 weeks of intensive learning, if you're already in this sector of construction then why not gain a certified and trusted qualification here with us, or if you are looking for a change of career, or you would like to start your career we can set you on the right path to becoming a trusted professional in bricklaying.

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