The most recent Inspection & Testing results have just come in and they are collectively some of the best results we have ever had at Able Skills. 


Over two exams, the crop of students worked really hard and achieved some fantastic results. Our electrical courses are extremely popular at Able Skills and our set of instructors work extremely hard to give their students the best possible training.

A lot of these students that have recently taken the Inspection & Testing 2394 and 2395 exams, have completed all their electrical training at Able Skills, from Level 2 all the way through to Inspection & Testing, NVQ and AM2. Also, completing their 17th Edition, PAT Testing and Level 3 courses along the way.

The City & Guilds 2394 will prepare you for the initial verification of electrical installation work. The City & Guilds 2395 will prepare you for Periodic Inspection, Testing and Certification of existing electrical installations. Both exams are two hours long and are both written exams, the recent results have been excellent. The combined 2394/95 course is five days of theory to prepare you for the exam.

This is the Guidance Note 3 that all the instructors recommend their students buy for the Inspection & Testing course.


We are really pleased for the students that have passed after their hard work and dedication throughout their courses. Also, our instructors have worked really hard to make sure the students went into the exam fully prepared.

We will now be scheduling in some practical dates for those students that have passed, so they are able to complete their practical training.

It is highly known that the Inspection & Testing exams are one of the hardest electrical exams and our students put the work in to achieve some of our best ever results.

If you are looking to do your Inspection & Testing qualification, please contact us today on 01322 280202.