gas training courses

Gas Training Courses at Able Skills

Another one of our Gas Courses comes to an end here at Able Skills and the feedback received was fantastic. Sam took this group and he was delighted with how they were throughout their training.

A lot of the guys who enrolled on this course actually returned back to Ableskills after completing their City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing Course with us. Having what they describe below as a tremendous learning experience, we would love to show you what they had to say below!

"Sam was awesome! I learnt lots and really enjoyed myself throughout the course!”

N Taylor – Gas Managed Learning Programme – 17/05/2019

“The course was really good. Sam the instructor made the learning experience really enjoyable and explained everything really well.”

A Kanli – Gas Managed Learning Programme – 17/05/2019

“Sam took us over 2 weeks into and I have nothing but respect for the man for the way he took the group and adjusted us so well to meet everyone’s way of learning. He has mastered a perfect balance of humor with study. Sam has been first class in his tuition during classroom and practical’s. He is a credit to the centre!”

R Barker – Gas Managed Learning Programme – 17/05/2019

“The course was excellent as well as our instructor Sam. He was a great instructor, he taught me well and made learning fun for all.”

J Osman – Gas Managed Learning Programme – 17/05/2019

“Excellent tuition. Knowledgeable instructor and made learning fun, interesting and relevant. Good support and very approachable if you needed to ask any questions. Would definitely attend future courses at Able Skills.”

D Childs – Gas Managed Learning Programme – 17/05/2019

One of Our Gas Courses in action below!


“I found Sam to be knowledgeable and clear with the way he delivered the content of the course. Before started I came from a banking background and found this change of direction daunting at the start. Sam soon put my fears at ease and left me feeling competent and knowledgeable in this new field, giving me the confidence, I need to be successful.”

B Cooper – Gas Managed Learning Programme – 17/05/2019

“Sam was great and very helpful and made the learning interesting and fun. I enjoyed the practicals and feel competent to leave here and work on gas appliances. Can’t wait to come back and complete my ACS and achieve my gas safe.”

J Wood – Gas Managed Learning Programme – 17/05/2019

“Sam was a brilliant instructor, really took his time with us all, explained everything until everyone understood and was patient and understanding. Teaching methods were superb. Thank you. Would also like to give a thank you to Rich who we had in the first two weeks and he was also brilliant.”

A Adeniran – Gas Managed Learning Programme – 17/05/2019

gas training courses

Able Skills Gas Training Courses are Bpec Accredited

“Sam and Richard made the course really enjoyable and understandable. It was lighthearted and fun but also serious when necessary. It is sad it has all come to an end.”

T Gunnery – Gas Managed Learning Programme – 17/05/2019

If you are interested in our Gas Courses, please come down to see us we will happily talk you through our programmes, show you around our 3 gas centres and even introduce you to your potential instructors!

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