Once again, on a recent edition of the TV programme, 'Rogue Traders', a plumber was secretly filmed going about his dastardly deeds! A simple fifteen minute unblocking of a drain was spread out to ninety minutes with much unecessary additional work being carried out so extra charges for time could be added on.

No, it's not 'nice work if you can get it' - it just helps to tar the industry brush! And it will make life more difficult for the majority of genuine plumbers who will be constantly harassed by customers looking over your shoulder for signs of deception going on!

What is more disturbing is the likelihood of the reflection on the original quality of plumbing training. Your hard-earned training period, acquisition of all the necessary approved and accredited certification - as demonstrated by your CORGI and CSCS card and Trade Body affiliation - could be undermined and seriously compromised.