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Full Time Electrical Courses!

Full Time Electrical Courses at Able Skills are extremely popular and in high demand, we have just added in some more dates for 2017.

Both the weekend and full time electrical courses at Able Skills have been extremely popular over the last few years and this year it has been no different. With all our full time electrical courses fully booked until the end of the year we have decided to add in some more dates.

Here at Able Skills we work very hard all year round at weekends and during the week to offer a variety of different courses and without doubt our electrical courses are one of the most popular.

Due to the extremely high demand for our Level 2 Electrical Courses and further courses, we decided the best option was to schedule more dates for this year to allow more students to train as Electricians.

Our electrical course packages allow our students to take different routes into the industry. Every single one of our students come to Able Skills for a different reason and our different packages allows them to take the course that suits their needs best.

More Full Time Electrical Courses added! More Full Time Electrical Courses added!

We have four different electrical packages available, you can read more about each one below:

All these packages begin with the Level 2 Electrical Course. This course is the perfect starting point for anyone entering the electrical industry. The Gold Card package is the only package that incorporates every course needed to become a fully qualified electrician.

With our new full time electrical courses scheduled in for August and September, we advise you get booking now!

If you are interested in our electrical courses, please contact 0808 100 3245 and we will be happy to answer any more questions you may have. You can also book by phone and online.