Like most things over the last year, the Construction Industry has been hard hit by Covid-19. This is down to the two lockdowns placed on the UK in 2020, which resulted in the overall output being down 35% throughout 2020. This decline continued into 2021 as yet another lockdown was placed on the UK. However, now that the Government has lifted all social restrictions, and with nearly 80% of adults fully vaccinated how is the Construction Industry recovering?

Some of our Bricklaying students getting their hands dirty with some practical tasks in our Bricklaying centre.

Signs For Optimism!

In March of 2021 when the first easing of lockdown measures happened, the UK’s construction activity expanded at the fastest pace for more than six years! Of course, a huge factor of this was due to the unlocking of the nation, but it is also important to take into consideration factors like more certainty over Brexit have contributed to this increase in output. With 2.7 million people employed within the construction industry currently and that figure expected to rise due to high demand, the industry is looking very healthy.

Opportunities in the Construction Industry

Despite the Skills Shortage that the UK finds itself in currently, the industry is still thriving. However, as we mentioned in a previous article about one of our students who came to us from Jersey, the skills shortage is so bad there that tradesmen and women are having to reject smaller jobs because they are so busy and those jobs are not worth their time. In the rest of the UK, it may not be so extreme but it is apparent that people with the desired skills have been run off their feet since the easing of lockdown.

Did you know that 60% of construction firms claim are struggling to find workers? With the average UK Construction Industry role having a salary of £36,611 and with no shortage of roles available maybe now is the time for you to consider a career in the Construction Industry. By choosing a career in this industry you will make a huge difference to your local community and you will be doing work that really matters. In addition to this, a hands-on role within the construction industry will almost certainly guarantee job satisfaction. Once you complete a job whether that be laying bricks for a house or completing a plastering job you will be able to look back and feel a sense of achievement that you did that.

How Can Able Skills Help?

Here at Able Skills, we offer a variety of courses throughout the Construction Industry. Our courses are perfect for those who have little to no experience in the industry or have years of experience behind them. If you want to make the most of the skills shortage that the UK finds itself in then you should come down and visit us there is no need to book an appointment either just arrive when it is best for you. Once you’re here, one of the team members will be able to show you around the facilities and discuss the courses we have available. If you are unable to make it to us in person do not hesitate to give us a call on 01322 280 202 today.

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