Increased Awareness Of Electrical Fires In The 18th Edition


18th edition

The 18th Edition Course was introduced this summer giving all electricians the chance to catch up with the latest wiring regulations to ensure their electrical installations are deemed safe for public use. With many changes included, the topic of electrical fires was of course one of them as we are still yet to completely eliminate such hazard from occurring.

The field of electrics will always see continuous changes introduced to the industry as we become smarter and develop the skills, knowledge and tools to tackle relevant problems. With health and safety being a huge part of the 18th Edition, it's only right fire safety gets it's share of awareness which includes what the average person may overlook; escape routes.

How have wiring regulations changed over time?

Well back in 2014, the building regulations stated that circuits in new or rewired homes are required to comply with BS 7671. This involved using more Residual Current Devices and in recent times, metallic consumer units.

2015 then saw changes made to the 17th Edition to emphasise the importance of escape routes in relation to fire safety. Electricians are required to ensure designs are installed so they avoid premature collapse should a fire occur. This ensures the safety of not only everyone in the building, but for firefighters too.

What else sparked these changes?

Well prior to these changes being made, many types of wiring systems actually made it more difficult for fire fighters to do their job. This is because the way the electrical installations were designed, cables were liable to hanging from walls and ceilings in the early stages of a fire. The same cables then became entangled around the firefighters' equipment such as their breathing apparatus leaving them trapped, running out of air and of course not able to put out the fire. Sadly, cases like these led to the death of several fire fighters and ultimately paved the way for electricians to take notice of the hazards caused by electrical installations.

Changes for the better

The latest wiring regulations, not just the 18th Edition, but future regulations too, will continue to heighten the quality of electrical systems in the UK putting the public's health and safety at the heart of it's changes.

We have reported terrible electrical fires on numerous occasions and we think it's great such hazards are receiving the much needed awareness.

It's recommended that all electrical systems receive ongoing maintenance through inspection and testing to truly guarantee safety. It's a legal requirement for all electricians installing electrical systems to make sure they hold their 18th Edition and if you don't please click here to book yours now.