Here in the UK it is a legal requirement that anybody working with gas appliances is approved by the Gas Safe Register. At Able Skills we promote the importance of gas safety in general and at the end of our all inclusive Gas training courses our students are completely ready to register.

Unfortunately, not everybody out there in the industry follows the law. Recent news highlights this problem. A Dorset based gas engineer has been given a 3-year community supervision order for carrying out gas work illegally, breaching a Prohibition Notice, and using expired Gas Safe Register credentials.

Before applying to the register all candidates must complete an ACS assessment! Then they must retake the assessment every 5-years. This particular engineer didn't bother and found out that avoiding registration is more trouble than it's worth. The Prohibition Notice he ignored lead him to being guilty of breaching Regulation. The Gas Safe Register is key in keeping both engineers themselves and the public safe.

This is not a case of being strict. The work that this man carried out, fitting the boilers, was not in line with the manufacturers’ instructions and he also left flues incorrectly fitted and unsupported. The ACS is important to ensure that your knowledge is fresh and up-to-date.

Interested in becoming a Gas Engineer?

We offer courses for both new and experienced engineers. If you are looking for an ACS Re-Assessment give us a call on 01322 280 202 and we will arrange this with you as soon as possible. If you are a complete beginner looing to start a career in gas then there is no better place to train!

Gas courses

Our Gas training courses can take you from having zero experience at all to being industry ready! Our New Entrant Gas Training Package 2, for example, includes 7-weeks of both practical learnings and theory sessions, portfolio completion and an ACS assessment. Everything you'll need to get your foot in the door of the industry and become registered with the Gas Safe Register!

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If you would like some more information about our range of Gas training courses contact us over the phone on 01322 280 202. We are happy to answer any questions that you have and generally provide guidance on how the journey to becoming a Gas Engineer works. Alternatively, you can contact us via email on [email protected] or you are welcome to come and visit our office in person. We are open 7-days-a-week between the hours of 8:30 - 16:30!


Gas training courses

Our Gas courses result in industry recognised qualifications.