Homeowners keen to make improvements to their bathrooms may need to bring in a technician who has completed plumbing courses.

Writing for AboutMyArea, a representative from Legendary Builders stressed the importance of careful planning when carrying out such projects.

One of the areas that he picked out as important to focus on is the plumbing, particularly if people intend to create a whole new bathroom area - a job that would no doubt require the expertise of a tradesman who has completed plumbing courses.

"If you are refurbishing an existing bathroom the job will be easier if you can use some of the plumbing that's already in place," noted the Legendary Builders writer.

They pointed out that people need to think about where the water supply will be pumped into the room and how the waste will be drained out.

Last week, female plumber Aimee Patterson urged more women to get into the profession, saying that many elderly clients people prefer to deal with a lady.

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