electrician coursesPublic safety will forever remain one of the most importance factors to consider within the construction industry. Year by year the sad truth is fatalities still occur, sometimes due to ill training. Today we look at the harsh figures presented by the electrical industry, showing statistics which force aspiring electricians to think twice about the standard of training they sign themselves up for. Ensuring they do not risk the safety of the public as well as themselves with essential training, can make all the difference when aiming to keep fatalities at zero. The electrician courses available at our centre all carry this aspect of the trade at the heart of all learning. Let’s take a look at how shocking the statistics really are…

As we still await figures for 2017, The Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI) has reported that 2016 saw 154 electrical fatalities. As far Able Skills is concerned, that is 154 too many. Unfortunately, this represented a 15% increase in comparison to 2015. Rogue trainers may be to blame, or are aspiring students shooting themselves in the foot? Perhaps both? We remind students looking to enrol on electrician courses to take the time to visit a City & Guilds accredited training centre such as ours. We welcome students to check out our exceptional facilities ANY day of the week as we simply offer the UK’s leading training courses.

electrician courses

The ESFI also reported ‘exposure to electric current increased one place to sixth on the list of occupational exposures leading to fatal on-the-job injury, trading places with aircraft fatalities. Once again, electrocutions constituted the vast majority of electrical fatalities while electrical burns of all degrees were responsible for four fatalities’.

Inadequate training has contributed to non fatal injuries too. The ESFI states ‘there were 1,640 nonfatal electrical injuries resulting in days away from work in 2016, one-third fewer than the 2015 number. About 0.18% of all nonfatal injuries resulting in days away from work could be attributed to electricity during 2016. Although a significant source of fatalities, nonfatal electrical injuries remain relatively rare compared to many other injury types’. Electrician courses with an adequate training programme is sure to reduce such incidents, not forgetting teaching excellence. Here are the electrician courses we offer.

Able Skills is a City & Guilds accredited centre. This accreditation is not held by everyone and students need to understand the advantage of us having such title. Our exclusive courses show students the real life aspect of what working on site will really be like in addition to in depth theory and practical assessments. Need a second opinion? We’ve got you covered. Our INDEPENDENT review website and Feefo review page offers students the chance to broadcast their opinion of us to the whole world. Confident in what we offer, we challenge you to go after the career you’ve always wanted!