It's well known that proportionally there are not a lot of female tradespeople out there particularly in certain trade skills. Maybe due to job uncertainty thanks to coronavirus or a strive for strive for self-employment there is a huge increase in women looking to become skilled tradespeople. This is great news! There are plenty of opportunities out there and here at Able Skills training centre everybody is welcome...

Electrical courses
One of our students learning the electrical skill of Inspection & Testing.

The study is based over 5-years showing the sharp increase in women's interest in learning trade skills. According to the study, the most popular courses amongst women are painting and decorating courses as well as plumbing courses. In third place was of course electricians, with 11.55% of these new tradeswomen pursuing careers as sparks. There is plenty of room in all of these avenues, with huge skill gaps in the industry as a whole. Those with the right training from a reputable centre will have no issue finding work.

Electrical courses

Here at Able Skills we have been helping people of all backgrounds learn new skills, gain knowledge and insight confidence for 20-years! We offer a whole variety of training options including:

What is the state of the trade industry?

Well, 15% of tradespeople have seen their client demand reach their highest levels ever, post-COVID. Trade skills hold strong during changes in the country. No matter what's going on tradespeople seem to continue to work and even see increased demand. The last year has been no different. Throughout the pandemic demand grew rapidly for many skilled tradespeople from the very start of Covid-19 in March 2020 through January 2021. Trade skills are always needed, in fact, experience significant growth in an unpredictable job market!

How can I peruse a new career?

Here at our training centre in Dartford, Kent we offer compressive courses that result in industry-recognised qualifications. We have years of experience doing this and have expert teachers here to guide you through the course you decide to take on. If you contact us we are happy to explain how a certain career is obtainable. We structure our courses for just that to help you kick-start a new career! We even offer introductory courses allowing you to experience a trade without committing to a full-time course!

For example, if you are looking to secure employment as a plumber you will want to take on our City & Guilds Level 2 Plumbing course. This option is 6-weeks of both hands-no practical experience mixed with theory sessions to help you understand the science behind the skill. Upon completion of this course you will be able to find employment, gain some experience and then take on a NVQ with us. This is an on-site assessment that judges your ability on the job, achieving an NVQ is vital when looking to start working on construction sites and some contractors will require a National Vocational Qualification.

If your passion is more towards the electrical trade then we make the route to become a fully-qualified electrician as simple as possible. We offer a complete package that is unique to our centre of excellence. This is our Gold Card Approved Electrician Package which includes  City & Guilds Level 2 courseCity & Guilds Level 3PAT Testing18th EditionInspection & Testing, Level 3 NVQ as well as an AM2 assessment! All of the elements needed to become a working electrician.

Taking all these courses under the package comes with the benefit of a reduced price and a structured path to becoming a professional! This course is extremely popular due to how simple and straightforward it makes the process, currently we do not have spaces until January 2022! why not book your place now and make the new year the time for a complete career change!

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If you would like some more information on what we do here at Able Skills give us a call on 0808 100 3245 - We are more than happy to take your call and discuss our many different training options, what we do and how to get started. We focus on helping people fulfil their potential and learn the skills and knowledge they need to start a new career or gain higher level qualifications in their field.

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