The Green Homes Grant was supposed to last until 2022, seeing homeowners around the country benefit from environmentally friendly home improvements. However the scheme has been scrapped. This news comes as the Government announces that the scheme wasn't living up to it's intention and instead they are now focusing on funding specific green upgrades.

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The scheme is now set to permanently end at the end of this month. The Government, however, is to continue paying companies the money they are owed under previous Green Homes Grant applications.

The reason that this scheme is coming to a close is that simply there were not enough applications. However some people are claiming there was plenty of demand and the real issue was poor planning. Only 10% of the initial goal was achieved. That's 60,000 of the planned 600,000 homes improved.

What happens now?

Well, the government's investment of £300 million will now be used to help generate home improvements for those in lower income families only, with a focus on insulation. This new target has been realised as around 19 million homes in the UK lack proper insulation that needs to be sorted otherwise the emissions from gas boilers will wreck the UK's chances of achieving its climate change targets.

What does this mean for tradespeople?

Well, although the scheme may have brought about more opportunities for those in the trade industry, particularly plumbers and gas engineers, there's no real change. There is still plenty of work out there. In fact, many established professionals will have jobs booked moths ahead as people seek home improvements and services of their own as they spend more time at home as we come towards the end of lockdown.

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