We see many students come through the Able Skills Construction Training Centre each year, each with their own story.

Some people come to us to learn some skills so they can take on personal projects like doing up a property. Some choose courses to develop their skills and enhance their existing expertise. Others begin their training with us because they want to embark on a whole new career.  

That’s exactly what Ash is planning on doing. He recently finished an 8-week tiling course and took some time to answer a few questions about his experience and his plans.  

Which course did you do and why did you choose it?  

“I chose the tiling course to change my career as a crane slinger.” 

What is it about tiling as a career that appeals to you? 

“To be more creative in a job and to do something hands-on with satisfaction of work. As well as have a skill.” 

Why did you choose Able Skills as your training provider?  

“Able Skills provide a more hands-on approach with facilities that simulate a work-based environment.” 

Which parts of the tiling training have you enjoyed the most and has anything surprised you?  

“I enjoyed the whole course, to be fair. But especially enjoyed when I got the chance to be creative and showcase what I had learned from day one.” 

"The whole course was a surprise. It was a great experience. Because I had no expectations beforehand, it helped in absorbing the diverse scenarios you find in tiling. Also getting to understand the patience required to become a step closer to achieving great standards.” 

How did you find the teaching and instruction on the tiling course?  

“The teachers have been amazing. As I did tiling, I had Ryan for a mentor and he had patience and the knowledge on tiling having done it for so long. 

It was a great experience learning from someone with such a vast experience in the subject matter.  

The one-week I did of plastering had me learning from Neil, who also had experience in the chosen profession and provided real life scenarios of what's to be undertaken when out in the real world on a job.   

Ryan's guidance helped a lot as I hadn't touched a tool beforehand! I came away with a greater understanding of tiling and wanting to further it as a career.”  

What do you plan to do now? 

“I plan on achieving a skilled worker card as well as gaining experience in the field. Then, eventually having my own business and gaining more skills to provide better services.” 

If you're ready to take a step towards a new career in construction, we provide a wide variety of courses to suit all levels of experience. We recommend popping into our training centre for a chat, but if you can’t make it in, give us a call on 01322 280 202 and chat to one of the team.