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Take A Look At Our Electrician Training Live In Action!

Students shown in the above video are well under way with their Electrician Courses and we must applaud their ambition to train towards a new career, all for a brighter future.

The live video really shows the amount of work these guys have put in as the hard work is evident! Just a couple weeks ago we saw the same guys just beginning their Electrician Courses! At this very stage, students are truly at the peak of their training with side by side help from our Electrical Instructors.

We always have a mix of students that have come from different jobs and industries and it's amazing to see how they all develop their skills at the same time. Please don't forget that we have Electrician Courses for those that are new to the industry, as well as those that are highly experienced and either need formal qualification or are undergoing one of our advanced Electrician Courses. If you're interested, please click here for an extensive list of the Electrician Courses we hold here at Able Skills. Here are a few below:

The above video that was taken live from our Facebook Page has received a big reception as students undergo their Electrician Courses! The video shows a great range of work going on

Our students receive side by side help by industry expert instructors as you'll see above. One thing to remember is that they were once students so they understand the need to adapt their teaching style to different learning capabilities.

Take a look below at just some the City & Guilds Accredited Courses we offer: