One of the big 'green' issues is our need to change our attitude to how we use water and regard it now as a precious resource by conserving it! In the UK most of us use far more water than we need to, waste water and cause water restrictions.

It is now considered a vitally important part of a plumber's training to learn to be able to both assess and advise home owners on energy saving issues and correctly install devices and water and heating systems to a mandatory safe and approved standard.Some 3% of UK Energy is used to provide domestic water and sewerage services.

The less water you use the less energy your water supply company will use. In the UK we use some 60 % of our water outside our homes and 40% used within our homes . Flushing the toilet and taking a bath comprises HALF of a domestic household's consumption of water!

Washing clothes, taking a shower and using the kitchen sink and dishwasher uses up another THIRD and even a small leak from a tap or pipe can amount to 5% of water being unecessarily wasted!

However it is quite simple to dramatically reduce mains water use in domestic and commercial premises by more than 70% and conserve water, by the fitting of a pressure reducing valve. A pressure control valve on the supply provides a simple, efficient and cost-effective means to reduce water pressure within the system and so reduce consumption.

The water pressure to many premises is much higher than necessary. Taps are often left running while washing hands and brushing teeth. This contributes to water wastage, as more water flows to waste.

A pressure control valve also minimises flow noise and protects installations from damage caused by excessive pressure.