Large construction firms across the UK are having to turn away work due to the huge skills shortage which currently exists; many companies have reported that they are struggling to find skilled workers to carry out the work they are being offered.

Currently in the UK there is a massive amount of building and construction work being planned to cater for the housing crisis. Unfortunately, the skills shortage which exists in some of the trades has meant that work is being turned down or left unfinished due to the lack of skilled bricklayers, carpenters, joiners, site managers and much more.


The lack of skilled or qualified tradesman across the UK being able to take on certain work is said to be down to the poor training of apprentices over recent years and it is now reported that this is the worst skills shortage in over 30 years.

People are now being urged to enter the construction industry because there is so much work available for them.

At Able Skills, we are offering an opportunity to re-train individuals in a variety of areas of construction. Our training facility isn’t about apprentices, it is about training adult learners who have the desire to learn a new skill and get themselves into an industry that can offer consistent, regular and well paid work.

At Able Skills, we recognise the need to train people in the correct manner and we believe that in doing so, we are contributing to the skills shortage.

Our instructors work extremely hard every day to give our students the best possible training to prepare them to go out and work within their chosen trade. We are accredited by City & Guilds and Construction Skills (CITB) – both are industry recognised certificating bodies. Not only can we offer quality training, we can also continue to support our candidates once they are in work for the purpose of achieving NVQs.

With the skills shortage heavily affecting the construction industry it means that more and more people are signing up for training courses because they know that there is a high possibility of work available for them. Week in and week out we have students leaving our training centre with brand new qualifications and a new start in life.


We pride ourselves in training students to the best possible level and making sure they are entering their chosen industry with confidence and the specific job knowledge. With our help, the skills shortage will begin to improve as we make sure our students have the correct qualifications and skills to go out and work straight away.

For more information on our courses please contact us on: 01322 280202