Workers who have been on electrician and plumbing training courses could soon be in high demand, as proposals to redevelop the Nine Elms area of central London were announced by mayor Boris Johnson today (October 27th).

Some 25,000 jobs are expected to be created from the scheme which will see 16,000 homes built alongside provision of public transport and creation of a park on the derelict 200-hectare site.

Throughout the construction, the potential exists for many industry-qualified plumbers and electricians to have a steady workload providing services for the thousands of new houses.

Mr Johnson believes that the development scheme will make a huge difference in improving the capital's economy.

"Although we are currently in a downturn, the area as it stands will, in the coming decades, deliver a substantial number of new homes and new jobs," he said.

The mayor yesterday announced plans to plant 4,000 new trees in 20 London boroughs.

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