Plumbing Course Videos!

How about we take you through a weeks worth of Plumbing Course Videos?

Across different Plumbing Courses show students learning various bits on the Plumbing Courses they enrolled on. Click to play and have a quick read on whats going on in each one!


Kick starting this week's Level 2 Plumbing Course, saw students learning how to design bends to specific measurements. This is an important aspect of becoming a Plumber as the Level 2's aim is to help students actually be able to carry out complex Plumbing work in the real world.


Over in our other centre is where the Introduction to Plumbing Course was held. The below video shows a student learning how to build frames which helps develop their confidence during the bending and soldering of pipes. This is most certainly key to becoming a competent plumber and is something our instructors have been teaching for years.


Wednesday was the start of bathroom installations. This was particularly an important day as students were shown how to apply the use of different materials as well as jointing methods. Being key area for Plumbers, it's a no brainer as to why we show our students the way around a bathroom!


As we headed towards the end of the week, students progressed from their bathroom installations to then being shown how to properly install and fit radiators along with the appropriate pipe work. Such development incorporates all skills learnt from previous days...


...Following on from yesterday, our the Plumbing Course offered students a chance to take their skills a step further by adding additional radiators onto the system they've been working on. By this stage on the Introduction to Plumbing Course, students would have gained a full insight as to what being a Plumber entails!

plumbing courseThere you have it. A week's worth of videos from various Plumbing Courses. You can see for yourself that whatever Plumbing Course you choose you can definitely expect to get right to it with our hands on approach to teaching.

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