What does it take and what is the process when looking to complete an AM2?

If you are at the point in your career as an electrician then you are more than likely aware of the steps that it takes to get to take on the AM2...Today we will be going over the training needed to be in the position to take on this test. Becoming an electrician has never been easier with the help of institutes like Able skills and the number of resources available to you. We have been teaching the trade for well over 10+ years and we know what it takes to go from complete novice to taking on tests such as the AM2. We have invested in a dedicated AM2 centre to ensure that as a company, we can progress individuals through the entire training and assessment process separate from the rest of the training centre to ensure we get the best out of our candidates!

Electrician courses

Electrical Courses at Able Skills.

What is the AM2?

The AM2 is a test for electricians that lasts 3-days. The purpose of the AM2 is to ensure all qualified electricians achieve a single standard that has been agreed by the employers in the industry as meeting their needs from qualified personnel. Overall it is mostly practical based assessments accompanied by a short online component, taken over 16.5 hours (2.5 days). During this time candidates undertake a series of timed tasks in specially equipped booths containing typical electrical installation wiring systems. The exercises include installation, inspection and testing and fault-finding and the work must comply with the current IEE Wiring Regulations and be carried out in line with Health & Safety best practice.

What qualifications do I need?

Well...To take the AM2 you should already have a strong foundation in electrics, for example, having the fundamental qualifications: City & Guilds Level 2City & Guilds Level 3, 18th Edition and Inspection & Testing before being ready for the AM2. Upon completion of the AM2, you may also want to consider a level 3 NVQ - Which we here at Able Skills can help you with. One of our electrical assessors will come to your place of work and asses your competency over 2 separate site visits. NVQ Level 3 is not a training course; it is an assessment of your competence and is mandatory for those of you who require JIB Gold Card status.

What does it involve?

Candidates will be expected to install, terminate, connect, inspect, test, commission and diagnose faults in accordance with the installation specification provided by the assessor and in accordance with the relevant statutory and non-statutory regulations on the following:

  • Lighting and power circuits
  • A three-phase distribution board and subcircuit
  • A central heating/sustainable energy system
  • A safety services circuit and device
  • A data cabling system

A quick breakdown of the overall process:

Electrician courses

The AM2 competence assessment comprises four sections A – D
(Section A is split into two distinct areas which are separately marked):
A1 Safe Isolation and Risk Assessment (1 hour)
A Composite Installation (8.5 hours)
B Inspection and Testing (3.5 hours)
C Fault Diagnosis (2.5 hours)
D Assessment of Applied Knowledge (1 hour)

More details:

If you would like some more information about any of the electrical courses that we offer here or the AM2 in particular then don't wait any longer give us a quick call on 01322 280 202 and we will provide you with advice, guidance and help you with the enrolment process. Alternatively, if you if would like to speak to a member of staff in person then feel free to come in - we encourage potential students to walk in unannounced during opening hours!


If you happen to live a considerable distance from our training centre, but you are still interested in taking on one of our courses then don't fret - We have accommodation available just a short distance from our training centre for the reasonable price of £20 / per night. If you would like some information on current availability, give us a call!

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