Just think, for a moment, how useful decorating skills are, not only in your own home, but also as a lucrative source of income. Small repairs and decorating jobs around the house, such as painting, wallpapering and fixing shelves can be sorted in a jiffy. With the right skills you can give your own house a complete makeover for very little cost or even set up as a professional.

No longer will you have to pay someone else to come out and fix every single thing that needs attention. That is why decorating courses are so popular and they can be great fun and highly creative too. Anyone can sign up for an introductory course to learn the basics and then have the option of progressing to obtaining recognised qualifications. A good course will teach everything from the correct use of tools to preparing surfaces and working safely.

Many people who enrol on these courses are embarking on their own projects, such as renovating an old house, building a house themselves or just revamping their existing décor. This can be an extremely satisfying task and the results are there to see and be proud of for many years. It is also a great way to save money, but only if the job is done properly.

Truly dedicated students sometimes sign up for further training, such as plastering courses, extending their skills even wider. After all, if your own property is an advert for your skills, others may be impressed enough to pay you to work on their homes too.