At Able Skills, our more advanced trade courses are designed specifically to maximise employment opportunities once completed. The knowledge each of our tutors hold in their individual sectors is second-to-none, and they know exactly what is required to build a successful career in that industry. 

Along with our high-quality tutors and programmes, we also work closely with Checkatrade, which offers an incredibly valuable platform for qualified tradespeople to efficiently seek out work.

Checkatrade provides an incredibly valuable platform for qualified tradespeople

Along with the traditional methods like word-of-mouth, joining the platform is one of the most commonly-used ways our graduates go on to secure consistent work after leaving us. 

Mason Wright is a qualified gas engineer and an ex-student of ours who has since gone on to launch his own business. Mason completed his BPEC gas training BPEC ACS and Level 2 C&G Plumbing Diploma with Able Skills—we caught up with him to discuss his career since finishing his training, as well as the benefits of using Checkatrade to find work. 

You can keep up to date with Mason’s work over on his Instagram page.

Did you work for other companies before setting up your own business?

“I worked initially for SGN as a meter fitter for about eight months, and then worked for a couple of smaller companies in London and Essex carrying out domestic plumbing and gas works such as gas safety inspections, servicing, fault finding and repairs and boiler installs. Once I gained a higher level of confidence, I started to find my own work.”

Do you think Checkatrade offers customers peace of mind when searching for a tradesperson? 

“Absolutely. Checkatrade literally checks everything when you join. They check your qualifications, your public liability insurance, your credit history—everything. If potential customers are aware of such checks, then it must give them peace of mind when they choose to use tradespeople they find on Checkatrade.”

Other than advertising, what benefits are there to joining Checkatrade?

“You can choose the location that you want to undertake work in, which means you can take on even the smallest of jobs knowing that they are literally around the corner.”

What advice would you give to anyone starting out in the gas industry? 

“Don’t rush into things. Find work as a subcontractor locally for a while if you can and ask experienced engineers everything. Knowledge is key in this industry—it keeps everyone safe.”

What advice would you give to anyone starting their own business as a gas engineer?

“Spend money on the right tools and use social media to post details of your work, drum up business this way. Again, gain experience working under someone if you can and do whatever training is available, whether it's through providers like Able Skills with their Fault Finding courses or via boiler manufacturers who sometimes offer short courses for free.” 

What is Checkatrade? 

Checkatrade is a database of qualified tradespeople that is free for anyone to use when they need work to be carried out. Every member on the platform displays reviews from previous jobs and Checkatrade performs strict background checks on new members before they can join the website, offering your potential customers priceless peace of mind when seeking a tradesperson.

At least once a month, Checkatrade hosts a stand outside the Able Skills office where students can chat and ask any questions they might have about the platform. Contact us to find out when they’re next here and come along for a chat.

Checkatrade stand at Able Skills in Dartford