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The 18th Edition Course has been a legal necessity for anyone carrying out electrical installations in 2019 and beyond. Being 6 months in, the latest wiring regulations have made quite an impact throughout the construction industry. Recent news has emerged stating how the 18th Edition Course is influencing the safety standards across markets such as surge protection, energy efficiency and many more.

Electrical safety expert  Bureau Veritas have recently detailed how these areas are looking to improve themselves. For example, surge protection looks set for a positive change in a new industry accredited risk assessment method which looks as if it will be introduced soon.

Being an Electrician and Electrical Course provider, it's great to see the impact our courses are having. It's courses like our 18th Edition Course, Electrician Courses and other Electrical Courses that are spreading positive changes throughout the country, and especially on site.

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An 18th Edition Course Pack at Able Skills

Michael Kenyon, Technical Manager at Bureau Veritas, stated:

“Electrical safety and compliance has always been an evolving process and over the last six months, the introduction of the 18th Edition regulations has ushered in a new era of best practice for surge protection, EV charging point installation and energy efficiency.

“Looking ahead, we expect energy efficiency to play a greater role in electrical standards , with Part 8 – which sets out guidance on lessening environmental impact, reducing energy losses through greater adoption of smart solutions, such as power factor correction. This marks a significant change as until now the wiring regulations have traditionally focused on safety alone.

18th edition course

Able Skills Electrician Training and Electrical Courses Are City & Guilds Accredited

“We understand that keeping up to speed with ever-changing rules and regulations can be difficult, but our advice to the duty holders and electrical contractors is to always lead the way in best practice by achieving compliance alongside regular improvements and routine inspections – particularly in these areas which will only grow in importance in the coming years.”

Sounds Positive!

Much like us, we too spend a lot of time updating our Electrician Training and Electrical Courses to ensure we're providing the latest information on our courses. We work closely with our awarding bodies to ensure this and we have been doing so for several years which made us the UK's Number 1 for Construction Training Courses.

If you haven't had the time to pass your 18th Edition Course, please click here to find out when we can get you in. If you have passed and are looking at the next stage of your career, please keep in mind that we offer the NVQ Level 3 Electrical Qualification for New and Experienced Workers!