DIY Projects

Getting comfortable with DIY is one of the best things that you can do for your overall sense of wellbeing and self-reliance. In this day and age, we all tend to depend on experts to take care of any problems that we might have. This ranges all the way from fixing a leaky pipe, to repairing a broken toaster, patching up a bit of wall, or changing the tires on our cars.

This isn’t necessarily all our own fault (it’s definitely true that lots of technology is now too high tech and advanced to be dealt with purely by hobby DIY) but that doesn’t change the simple fact that many people just aren’t taking matters into our own hands often enough.

So if you feel the call to roll up your sleeves and “do it yourself”, here’s a straightforward list of the top DIY projects that you can do on your home:

[1] Maintain and Insulate the Attic and Basement

attic insulationHere’s a task that you can get stuck into which isn’t only going to give you a great series of personal benefits (a more well insulated, leak free home in general) but which is also bound to save you serious time, money and trouble down the line – and which can also easily boost the resale value of your home.

Attics and basements tend to be some of the most under-used, often-neglected parts of a home. This is why they can become hotbeds for trouble without you noticing until it’s too late.

Animals love nesting in both locations. Termites can appear and wreak havoc. Mold, mildew, etc., can spread from an attic or basement to infect an entire home, and any leaks or drafts are bound to have a direct knock-on effect on your quality of life.

[2] Build a Gazebo

gazeboThis one is a great summer-time project to keep you occupied for a while, without being impossible to achieve (as long as you commit the right amount of energy to planning and researching.)

DIY aside, we all know what some of the benefits of having a gazebo are: a sheltered space to enjoy barbecues and warm sunny days in luxury. Being able to boast to your friends and family about having built a full scale piece of lawn furniture is added plus, too.

[3] Build a Coffee Table

coffee tableThis is a great idea for people at all levels of DIY expertise, because the options that you can pursue are endless. You could go the artsy route and create a simple coffee table out of a couple of pallets, a glass sheet, and a coating of paint, you could use logs and spare wooden boards, a stone platform, or you could go the full nine yards and weld or carve your own personal design masterpiece. Each and every option has its own benefits and drawbacks.

[4] Redo Your Flooring

laminate flooringRe-flooring can either be a complicated and tricky process or a simple day of DIY depending on what kind of floors you have in the different rooms of your house. If you have a simple interlocking system of laminate panels, for example, there’s no reason at all why you shouldn’t be able to change the flooring yourself. Different flooring types have a profoundly different effect on the atmosphere of a room. By dedicating just a weekend to the task, you might very well be able to completely overhaul the feel of your home.

[5] Replace Your Lighting Fixtures

light fixturePeople are very often overwhelmed by the ideas of changing the lighting fixtures in their homes – it seems like a good way to get electrocuted or make a complete mess of things. With just a little bit of know-how, however, you can disconnect the power at the breaker box and have everything connected up in virtually no time.

And as far as small changes which make a dramatic impact on the atmosphere in your home – few will have a more profound effect than completely altering your lighting setup.