5 Reasons to take up Painting & Decorating as a profession:




The first reason is that Painting & Decorating is a trade that you can work for yourself in. Being self-employed is a great thing, it means you don't answer to anyone and that you are your own boss. Decide your own hours and so on. There is no better feeling than having your own operation!



It is a creative profession! Painting & Decorating is a very rewarding job as you are creating something every day that you can be proud of. Obviously, you will be working to clients specifications, however, you can put your own touches into your work suggest ideas and overall add a splash of creativity to your work.



There is a huge demand in this line of work! Painters and decorators are never short of work, there are always people looking to spruce up a room, bedroom etc. Especially right now construction trades wages are on the increase and with the vast population in the country clientele is easy to come by. Therefore not only is this job rewarding and flexible but also highly profitable!



Versatile! Painting & Decorating is a very versatile job, meaning you could be working in several diffrent environments, from working on larger commercial or industrial developments to working in peoples home privately. This amount of diffrent opportunities should keep you occupied and will mean that you don't get bored. You will most likely never be doing the exact same work every day making it more interesting than other trades!



Working for the rich & famous! If you gain experience and you are talented as a painter & decorator, you can work for high clientele and make some real money! Once you have a real presence, then you can start to build a portfolio of clients and attract employers in high places!


Want to take one of our decorating courses?


We have a range of diffrent painting & decorating courses available here at Able Skills, choosing a course should be easy, here's a quick guide to taking the right course!

No experience?


If you have no experience working in the field, and you are looking to gain the basics for some DIY or for a stepping stone into learning further on we have the painting & decorating courses for you. You should first consider enrolling on an Introductory course. We have an Introduction to Painting & Decorating Course that is a week-long and will give you a basic understanding of what work will be like on-site as a professional! During this course you will cover the following aspects:

Repairing imperfections, you will apply water and oil-based products using brushes and rollers, you will learn how to cut around obstructions, openings and fittings and you will also learn how to properly cut, paste and hang wallpaper.



Also, if you are looking to take on specifically wallpapering for any specific reason we run a 5-day Wallpapering Course so that you can master this particular skill!

Some Experience?


If you have some experience, but you are looking to gain a qualification, then we have a few options available to you!

If you are really considering taking up this trade as a profession you need to commit to either the 5-week or 10-week course, the City & Guilds Painting & decorating course if successful will result in you receiving a City & Guilds certificate! Obviously, the completion of a Level 2 Painting & Decorating Diploma Course will land you with a Diploma! You need to consider the amount of time you can dedicate to this training, both of these courses can be taken over weekends as well for those who have prior commitments and or cannot find the time but would love to take on a course. We also have weekend courses available, but obviously, it will take much longer to complete. 

For example, if you would like to take the Level 2 Painting & Decorating Diploma Course over a series of weekends you need to make up the time it would take if you were on full-time. The Diploma Course is 10-weeks or 50-days meaning you could take it over a series of 25-weekends!

Experienced Worker?




Experienced worker looking for NVQ? We offer an EWPA or Experienced Worker Practical Assesment for experienced workers who need an NVQ. This course is a fast-track route, you will need to have at least 5-years experience working as a painter & decorator to enrol on this route.



This route is for those looking to gain an NVQ that don't have at least 5-years in the industry, but think they have the capabilities to achieve the qualification. Not having 5-years experience means that you will have to be in employment to take the competency test. We will supply an Able Skills assessor to come to your place of work.

Check out more details on the OSAT route and prices here 


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Able Skills is an accredited centre securing approval to deliver qualification training from City & Guilds