A Few Tips On How To Use Gas Safely At Home


gas safeIt's all fine reading about how important it is to make sure your gas appliances have been fitted correctly, but you may not be 100% sure as to how to use such appliances safely yourself. Today we'll be giving you guys some tips on how to use gas safely in your home, from personal things you can do yourself, to making sure you use a Gas Safe Registered Engineer!

1. Tend to leaks asap!

If you find yourself amidst a gas leak, be sure to tend to it as soon as possible, don't just wait for the gas man to come round! But how? As soon as you of any gas leaks, be sure to head straight over to the gas supply and cut it off immediately. Once done, you need to begin ventilating the room by opening all doors and windows and ensuring there are not any naked flames present such as candles, lighters, cigarettes or matches.

2. Be sure to maintain your gas appliances correctly.

Perhaps this tip is over looked. How many of us can honestly say they've checked the manufacturers instructions in order to keep our gas appliances safe? It really is worth the hassle considering the amount of incidents caused by unsafe appliances. If you live in a rental property, make sure your landlord has a gas system maintenance plan should they not already have one in place.

3. Gas Alarm!

Carbon Monoxide is a serious killer causing around 25 deaths per year according to the NHS. If you don't already have one in your home, you're in serious danger. This has become an necessity for the kitchen which should be kept in good condition so they detect any gas leaks with your best interests at heart!

4. More ventilation.

When using gas appliances make sure you allow enough room around and above the appliance to make sure they burn like they should. Covered appliances lead to poor ventilation and can prove hazardous if a safe environment isn't created when the appliances are being used. One way to immediately increase ventilation is to open nearby windows as necessary.

gas engineers

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5. BBQ Anyone?

Weather we've seen this summer has lead to many barbeques but how many used their gas appliances safely? Please make sure you guys have cleaned and eliminated all oil and fat as they act as great fuel for fire.

It may be worth clearing your garden of all dry garden matter to remove all flammable materials too!

6. Only use Gas Safe Registered Engineers!

Gas cannot be handled by those who haven't undertaken relevant Gas Training Courses. It's as simple as that. Many people throughout the UK have been injured as well as killed due to incompetence, not to mention the hefty penalties given to those who have worked on gas appliances, but again aren't qualified to do so. Gas Training is a necessity when it comes to household safety and simply thinking it will be ok is simply not good enough.

There have been many cases of people being caught for carrying out unsafe gas work which can be found on our blog under 'news'. If you're unsure of the Gas Training Courses Gas Engineers should have undergone, please click here to give yourself more of an idea. Feel free to quiz any Gas Engineers you know to make sure they really are fully qualified and competent!