Able Skills Electrical Assessor Paul Hewson undertook our first NVQ level 3 visit to a student who is currently working on the London Underground.Paul has a long standing love affair with the Underground having worked at various underground locations himself as an Electrician, long before turning his hand to teaching - this makes him an excellent choice to undertake these Electrical NVQ visits.Able Skills electrical student James Eason was taught everything that he knows whilst he was a student at Able Skills in 2011/2012. He completed C&G 2330 levels 2 and 3 and C&G 2382 (17th Edition) and Paul was delighted to see that the standard of his work was excellent and that he had clearly taken everything in whilst training with Able Skills.James' work on the Underground is the installation of flat screen information monitors so Paul was able to see examples of containment such as conduit, trunking and tray work and also the fixings to walls using Unistrut.Security on the Underground is very tight because it is such a high risk working environment and Paul gains access to the Underground by maintaining his Entry Permit and Passport to Safety cards (now k/a LUCAS card). He is also quite willing to do these visits in the early hours of the morning as he did with Electrical NVQ student James Eason at Baker Street. This pays testament to the lengths that Able Skills and our staff will go to, to ensure that all students on all courses have the opportunity to get fully qualified and eventually earn more money.Paul worked as an Electrician for 7 years on Londons Underground covering stations on the Northern, Piccadilly and Jubilee Lines and says that in the time he was there, he never saw an NVQ Assessor visit an Electrician so this could be quite a unique situation for Able Skills.We look forward to James next Electrical job and we have no doubt that Paul will jump at the chance to undertake the assessment for the Electrical NVQ at level 3 - even if it is at 3 in the morning!