electrician coursesSo what did you do with your Tuesday? The students shown in the above video have taken it upon themselves to train towards a new career within electrics on our Home Study Level 2 Electrical Course.

Currently on their second week, we made it even more flexible for them as they can pick and choose which weeks they wish to come back and finish the remainder of their course.

All students who enroll on our Electrical Courses also receive an exclusive CK Toolkit worth £250 as shown on the right!

Deciding to go for a new career is one thing, but having the time to do it is another. And that's why our Home Study options prove so popular! With the payment options also being as flexible as the course, we make it less stressful to start a new career as we understand everyone has responsibilities!

If you would like more information on the Home Study Level 2 Electrical Course as well as our other Home Study Courses, please click here!