Able Skills are proudly a BPEC Approved Centre

Our gas training courses here at Able Skills are up there with our most popular course on offer. We have students come from all areas to train as a Gas Safe Engineer. All the gas qualifications on offer here at Able Skills are BPEC qualifications and we are proud to be using such a fantastic awarding body for many years now.BPEC

With changes being made to the gas training industry, our Gas Managed Learning programme already meets the requirements of the new rules.

Students on our gas courses here at Able Skills come from all working backgrounds. Some are complete new entrants and some are already qualified Plumbers. Depending on your experience determines which package of training you will take.

BPEC provide comprehensive training materials and support for our gas programmes that we offer here at Able Skills.

Here is the stages of our Qualified Plumber route into the Gas Industry.

Stage 1 – 3 Week Domestic Gas Safety Training – BPEC Gas Foundation Certificate

This three-week long Gas course is essential training and assessment for all candidates looking to gain access to the Gas Industry. This Gas training is a mandatory part of becoming Gas Safe registered.

Week 1 - This week will provide you with a great insight into the Gas industry and present you with an understanding of the guidelines and regulations which currently govern the ACS scheme.

During this week of gas training, we will cover basic heating systems and heating controls, gas appliance functions and the basic principles of flues and combustion to give candidates the knowledge required to move forward to the next aspect of this Gas course.  In addition, we will cover:

  • Legislation
  • Tightness Testing
  • Pipework requirements

Week 2 - As you progress through the weeks, the gas course will develop and you will receive training in:

  • Gas safety controls
  • Pipe sizing
  • Gas rates / Heat inputs
  • Flueing

During week 2 you will undertake written exams and practical assessments.

Week 3 – You will be trained on:

  • Appliance installation and servicing
  • Ventilation
  • Unsafe situations

Again, there will be written exams and practical assessments. Upon successful completion of this week, you will be provided with a BPEC Foundation Portfolio and guidance for completion.

Here at Able Skills we are extremely proud to be a BPEC Approved Centre and we will be offering BPEC Gas qualifications for years to come.

If you are looking at becoming Gas Safe Registered, contact us on 01322 280 202 today for more information.