The past few years has seen an increase in the number of Private Training Providers offering fast track qualifications and promising high salaried careers at the end of it all. Equally, the past few months has seen some of these same Private Providers close when their financial backers have withdrawn or when the truth is discovered that the 'qualifications' they were offering were not actually industry recognized!Able Skills sets itself aside from these fly-by-night training schools in that we provide the correct training for the correct qualification for the correct industry. We do not promote Home Study; we do promote attendance at any one of our 7 Kent based Training Centres to attend tutor lead theory classes and practical workshops, to undertake the required examinations and to carry out the mandatory assessments. In effect, we provide industry recognized qualifications just like any Further Education College can but we have the ability to be more flexible with our intake dates and completion periods whilst still remaining under the watchful eye of the relevant awarding bodies, City & Guilds, CITB, EAL and Construction Awards Alliance. Able Skills has been firmly established in the Construction Training industry since 2003. We deliver Plumbing training from level 2 to right up to NVQ level 3, Gas training and assessment for both the Domestic and Commercial industry, Electrical qualifications to satisfy the domestic requirements of Part P as well as meeting the standards set by JIB (Joint Industry Board) for electrical work within the Commercial and Industrial industry and we also now have a Renewable Energy Centre. Reducing the carbon footprint is something which we are committed to and so our Renewable Centre is a working example of these technologies as well as being furnished with all of the mandatory training equipment to achieve distinct qualifications. This Centre is undergoing BPEC and NICEIC approval for the delivery of training and assessment for Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps, Biomass, Hot Water Underfloor Heating, Rainwater Harvesting and Grey Water, Solar Thermal, Solar Photovoltaic and Wind Turbine Energy. This Centre will also play a massive part in the delivery of the proposed 2011 City & Guilds QCF title, Award in Environmental Technologies (Draft Title).At Able Skills we work very hard to ensure that everything we do, we do in the correct manner. We are keen to play a part in generating quality Plumbers, Gas Engineers, Electricians and Renewable Technicians. Able Skills is designed for those of you who are seriously interested in embarking on a career as a fully 'competent' Electrician, Plumber or Gas Engineer, someone who is not looking for a quick fix or an easy ride but somebody who knows that these are all progressive qualifications to be built on or added to as time goes on and experience levels grow. We invest heavily in our facilities to ensure that everything is in place to deliver quality training and we also show our commitment to our staff by ensuring that individually, each of them is up to date with their industry and teaching qualifications.We are entirely confident in everything we deliver to the extent that we do not employ sales teams or provide open days. We are open 7 days every week and readily encourage people to turn up at our training centres without appointment, Monday to Sunday; that way they can see the reality of what we do and discover that nothing here is staged, it really all is as good as we say!Remember- there is no quick fix in career changing! Approved and accredited centre's, although flexible in the differing lengths of time, ultimately require attendance spread over particular time periods, from several blocks lasting weeks or months, spread over a period of a year or even more, if required.