At Able Skills we have recently refurbished out Tiling Centre with bigger bathrooms and real kitchen area. We offer a variety of courses whether it's a 5 day short course right the way up to qualification level NVQ's.We also offer bespoke courses in Victorian and Mosaic tiling, and learning how to tile with different materials such as Marble, Porcelain.At our designated Tiling Centre we have set up area's to give you a reality of tiling in bathroom's, kitchens and area's for Victorian Pathways.Here at Able Skills the Ruby Rep comes and performs weekly demonstrations on their products and tools as you will be using these very tools in the future. We feel these tools are the best in the industry for Tiling and you will be using this throughout your course. We can also offer you a discounted rate for Ruby Tools once you have finished your Tiling course.Our instructors Terry and Max are very friendly and approachable, having years of experience within the Tiling industry. They are fully qualified as NVQ assessors and will be support you throughout the Tiling course. You are more than welcome to pop in to the Able Skills Tiling centre and no appointment is required.You will be able to look around and see first-hand our Tiling courses in action and to ask our instructors, Terry and Max any questions to help you decide on the path you wish to take within Tiling.Please be aware of any centre's that are stating you can achieve the NVQ in two of three weeks, this is not the case. To achieve the NVQ, you have to be competent in Tiling, and gathering evidence once you are working in the Tiling industry.If you have been working as a Tiler for quite some time and you are competent in your Tiling ability and have a very good general knowledge in all areas of Tiling, then come along to Able Skills to meet with one of our Tiling Assessors to discuss your route to gaining a Tiling qualification. If you can provide a minimum of 5 years of evidence within Tiling industry and are able to display your ability then this could be the fast track to an NVQ that you are looking for using the EWPA scheme.Any companies that are looking for their staff to be up-skilled for the NVQ we can accommodate. Terry and Max will be able to come out and assess them in the work place to help them attain their NVQ's.At Able Skills, we have a lot of Armed Forces undertaking resettlement training in Tiling and have been providing this service for the last 10 years. Also, we have companies that are taking students on from Able Skills after they have completed the 8 week Tiling course because they are registered for their NVQ and they will be very competent with Tiling after completing the 8 week course which enables them to undertake site work.We offer a flexible payment system where you