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Choosing a career for life can be challenging but one thing we must keep in mind is choosing one that we can enjoy as well as helping us become financially stable. This was a big factor for Home Study Electrical student Robert Hartley as he makes his transition from accounting. In the centre this week we had an interesting conversation with himself to find out a little bit more about how he got into accounting in the first and why he’s made the switch over to the electrical industry!

So how did you end up working as an accountant in the city?

Well I went to University straight after sixth form to get my degree and had always been good with numbers and business. When choosing which degree, I believed there was a lot of demand for accountants considering the amount of accountancy related courses there were. Of course I knew they made a good amount of money so I went with it and to be honest, I didn’t know what I really wanted to do.

And why the changeover to Electrics?

Well I’ve been working as an Accountant for 2 years now and honestly, it’s so boring I can’t stand it anymore. I can’t handle sitting down for much longer and I’m realising I can’t see myself doing it forever. I was having a conversation with someone at work and they told me their brother had just done a Home Study Electrical Course here and that’s when I started doing my own research. I wanted a hands on job that challenges me so I looked up Able Skills Home Study Electrical Courses and found the Level 2 gives me what I need to get started on site and build up my experience from there.

Is the training what you expected so far?

Yes. It’s only my third day here but I can honestly it’s been so much more interesting than what I’ve been doing for the past 2 years. It’s engaging and I really enjoy learning something new. I thought I was going to be the only one here that’s come from an office background but there’s other guys here that have a similar story too!

But ye so far so good. The Instructors are really experienced.

What do you plan on doing after the course is done?

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Able Skills Electrical Courses are City & Guilds Accredited

Well I’ll be handing my notice in that’s for sure. I plan on securing work in the mean time and if all goes to plan I’ll definitely book my Level 3 Home Study Electrical Course too probably spring time next year.

Accountancy to sparky isn’t something we hear everyday but it’s refreshing to see someone with such passion and ambition to want to do well in an industry they truly enjoy. We understand it’s difficult to learn something new when you’ve got an existing job and that’s why we give students the power to select the weeks they want to train when on our Home Study Electrical Courses.

If you’re thinking about following in Robert’s footsteps and want to find out more, just give our Home Study Electrical Courses a search!