Are Office Buildings Built For Today's Electrical Needs?



That's the question for today's topic. Of course, many buildings we see around us including our homes would have been built many years ago, and designed to last many years ahead. Unfortunately, that hasn't been the case as today's world demands that office space is designed with electrical requirements in mind as, according to fire safety solutions companies, many buildings are simply not up to scratch!

Spokesmen from health and safety companies, as well as risk management companies have all agreed that simple issues such as there not being enough plug sockets and old wiring have contributed to not meeting the demand for modern electrical equipment.

A spokesman from a fire safety solutions company stated:

It is quite common to go into older premises and see a maze of trailing cables under desks. These will often be missed from annual tests due to the fact that they go unnoticed


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Inspection & Testing

Many people overlook at just how common electrical fires are and it became a huge topic of discussion following the devastating effects of Grenfell Tower. With old office buildings causing a huge concern for such hazard, people are realising that over time, wiring deteriorates and Electricians must ensure they are up to date with the latest wiring regulations (18th Edition) when it comes to electrical installations. (Just take a look at our Horrifying Electrical Faults' article!!).

Another spokesman added to the discussion stating:

Technology is changing daily and it’s important for offices to be able to support the electrical output needed and keep employees safe

It's exactly here where the important skill of Inspection & Testing stays in high demand as electrical hazards are not often seen by the untrained eye. A final spokesman had his say on the subject saying:

There are a range of products available which ensure the safe use of extension cables and reduce the risk of overloading sockets including on desk, under desk and wireless solutions

It's Electrical Courses just like Inspection & Testing, 18th Edition as well as other Electrician Courses that help people not only identify such electrical faults, but to help meet the demand for when issues like these need seeing to. After all, we're in 2018 and is there really any use for old office space that isn't up to date with the modern world?

Have you come across any shocking electrical faults? Let us know and show us pictures if you have any!