When considering any career path, for many, happiness and job satisfaction will be high on the list of priorities before deciding if the sector is right for you. 

What constitutes happiness at work? This will vary on a person-by-person basis — for some, it could be flexibility and a healthy work-life balance, while for others, high earning potential and progression opportunities could lead the way. 

In many industries, it is often a case of one or the other. Construction, however, is one of the few sectors that manages to strike a unique balance of being able to offer many of these sought-after traits at the same time. 

In 2023, Bamboo HR, a human resources tech company, conducted research into which sectors had the happiest workforces by measuring the Employee Net Promoter Score at more than 1,600 businesses. Construction topped these rankings, with job opportunities and rising wages cited as two of the key reasons behind its high rating. 

What are the benefits of a career in construction?

Plentiful job opportunities 

Skills shortages are something the construction industry has faced for a long time, and the issue shows no signs of fading fast. This means for those who do hold the necessary qualifications, there are plenty of job opportunities on offer as construction businesses compete for talent to fill gaps in their workforces. 

Good progression

A knock-on effect from the last point is that there are good progression opportunities for anyone wanting to move into more senior and managerial positions. Advanced training is also on offer for those who want to expand their skill set and increase the scope of work they’re able to take on. For example, it’s not uncommon for those working in the plumbing industry to go on and complete their gas qualifications, given the frequent crossovers between the two trades. 

High earning potential

Competition for talent also naturally translates to strong earning potential for those working in the construction industry. According to the job site Talent.com, the average annual UK construction salary is £44,996, while most experienced workers average at £67,500 per year. Even entry-level positions can expect to earn around £31,060.

Varied day-to-day tasks 

Two consecutive days are rarely the same for tradespeople, making it a great career for anyone who prefers a decent amount of variety in their day-to-day work. 


Once you’ve built up enough experience in your respective industry, being able to set up your own business becomes a very achievable prospect. This brings a long list of benefits, from being able to set your own rates, to allowing you to manage your own work-life balance. 

Meeting new people

Since tradespeople are often working in new places every day, the career can also be a great fit for anyone who enjoys meeting new people, and having a natter over a brew with customers.

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