Yet another case of unsafe gas work has been reported at a home in Exeter and this has just highlighted the fact that illegal gas work is still being carried out in the UK.



The Gas Safe website has reported that 67,000 gas emergencies have been reported within the last year. People’s lives are being put at risk constantly due to unsafe gas work being carried out by people that aren’t qualified to complete the work.

If you are a Plumber and you are offered some gas work, you should not carry it out because you run the risk of doing it wrong and putting people’s lives at risk. Getting the right gas training is vital before you even think about doing any gas work. In the last five years there has been six deaths and over 300 injuries due to gas problems and gas work being carried out unsafely. This number needs to be cut down because untrained gas engineers are carrying out gas work and putting people at risk of explosions and carbon monoxide poisoning.

Also, it has been noticed that 5.5 million Brits have not had their gas appliances checked within the last year and therefore are putting themselves at risk because previous gas engineers may have dangerously fitted gas appliances.

It is vitally important as home owners you get gas work done by Gas Safe Engineer’s to prevent gas problems within your homes. Also, if you want to carry out gas work you need to make sure you have the right training and qualifications to complete the work safely and legally.

At Able Skills, we have a number of different gas training packages that will allow you to complete plumbing qualifications all the way through gas training and becoming gas safe.

Gas Safety is a big issue right now within the trade industry and it is something that they are really cracking down on and making sure the numbers of gas emergencies is lowered. The plan is for all gas work to be done and marked off by Gas Safe Engineers to ensure that the number of injuries and deaths due to gas problems is reduced.

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