If you are looking to change your career or add to your current skill-set then taking one of the many carpentry courses available could be just the right move.

Carpenters are increasingly in demand within both the construction industry and private sector. With roles that range from installing kitchens and hanging doors to building bespoke furniture, the opportunities available, either as an employee or as a self-employed carpenter, are enormous.

A carpenter who holds a nationally recognised City & Guilds qualification will receive more work from the industry than one without, as people recognise his or her determination to ensure they are trained to the highest standards. Starting with a course designed to teach the most basic of skills in carpentry and working up through the levels to more advanced qualifications will increase job opportunities, as well as enhance a carpenter’s reputation.

With the construction industry continuing to grow, the need for carpenters has never been greater. Working on projects such as renovations, refurbishments, new builds and extensions, a carpenter who has also trained in other areas; for example, by taking plumbing or electrical courses, will find that they are even more in demand.

Courses in carpentry range from short, intensive courses to longer, more detailed courses and the level at which you would like to work will, in part, dictate which type best suits your specific requirements.