Are you looking to become a Qualified Plasterer? Training at Able Skills makes starting a new career possible.

Qualified Plasterer

You can become a fully qualified Plasterer here at Able Skills.

Starting a new career is never easy and lots of people are put off at the thought of change. However, training at Able Skills makes it a smooth and enjoyable training journey towards a new career. To become a qualified Plasterer here at Able Skills we have various courses to get you started.

Depending on which route you want to take into the industry to become a qualified Plasterer, will depend which course will be right for you.

If you are looking to get qualified and carry out work in domestic properties, then the City & Guilds Plastering course would be the perfect option. This is a six weeks intensive practical course to give you all the necessary skills to go out and work as a Plasterer.

However, we understand that as an adult learner, training six weeks straight isn’t always easy. Therefore, our flexible learning options are extremely popular. The six weeks of plastering training can be split up into separate weeks to suit your diary. Alternatively, we also offer this course at weekends. When training at weekends it is 10 weekends over the period of 20 weekends. They will then complete a nine-day block.

Some people come to our centre with the goal of working on-site as a qualified Plasterer. However, to be able to work on-site you will need to have a CSCS Skilled workers card. You can only get one of these once you have achieved an NVQ.

We offer NVQ training courses at both Level 2 and Level 3. The first six weeks of this course is the City & Guilds course, then two weeks are added on for the NVQ training. Once the course is completed you will then need to go out and work as a Plasterer and be assessed on-site by our NVQ assessors.

Along with the City & Guilds courses and NVQ courses, we also offer Level 2 and 3 diploma courses. These are 10 week courses that involve a lot more theory amongst the practical training and some exams will need to be completed. All training and exams are completed at our centre in Dartford.

Along with our qualification courses, we also offer short introduction courses for people that are looking to get some basic skills. Also for the ones that are just wanting a taster before they take the full course. The introduction course can be transferred as the first week of the City & Guilds course if you wish to upgrade.

If you are interested in becoming a qualified Plasterer, contact us today on 01322 280 202 for more information. We also welcome anyone to come down and visit our centre, just pop down and we will show you around.