Betty's Boxing Packs A Strong Punch At Prestigious York Hall!


bettys boxing

As you know Able Skills are the proud sponsor of Betty's Boxing - the UK's fastest growing fight network. Last night the mecca of boxing known as York Hall played host to what had to have been one of the most action packed fight cards fans had ever seen. With every fighter looking to put on a dominating performance, it was their ring side fans that took the prestigeous venue's atmosphere to a whole 'nother level.

Those that came to support their fighter were on their feet all night as it was hard to call which way the 50/50 fights were headed. 'Jab', 'right', 'roll' and many more could be heard whether you were ringside or not. Catch the promo video below!

Betty's Boxing

Betty's Boxing at York Hall

The fight card consisted of 12 fights with more than one contending for fight of the night! Being far from Betty's Boxing's first fight show, we expected nothing less and it's often the case that a successful fight night boils down to two things; fighters giving it their all as well as a great team putting the show together.

When speaking with Mason Wright (founder of Betty's Boxing) he was overwhelmed with the night's success as he stated:

I would just like to give a massive thank you to all fighters that left it all in that ring tonight. What great performances from everyone that took part and it's safe to say that everyone went home a winner.

We had a co-main event and both fights brought excellent action to the fans that watched on. We had an early stoppage which had everyone on their feet and the second creating so much tension you could seriously feel it throughout the arena.

I just want to thank all the guys that came and showed their support today and massive thank you to all York Hall staff. Everyone did a great job and everything went so smoothly. It's called the mecca of British Boxing for a reason and it's an honour to host such great fights here and we can't wait to do it again.

It's great to see Betty's Boxing growing from strength and strength and to witness it first hand is truly special. It's for that reason why Able Skills are proud to sponsor them and we look forward to the next show! If you're interested in signing up, check out Betty's Boxing here.