Chris and Hoyol are nearing the end of their 8 Week Bricklaying course and they have now taken on the difficult task of constructing a Decorative Wall.


This is a very complexed structure and involves a lot of measurements that have to be correct for the construction of the wall to work properly. Chris hadn’t picked up a brick 8 weeks ago but now he is challenging himself with a very difficult structure. Hoyol is working at the same pace as Chris and they are both working on the Decorative Wall.

This is the diagram they are following:


I have followed them both this week as they have begun the construction of this wall.

Here they are on the first part of the wall building up the foundations to begin with. After this they will move onto the measurements for the middle decorative part of the wall.


This is the start of measuring out the right angles and measurements needed to make sure the whole process runs smoothly.


Chris and Simon start marking out the right measurements so each brick is exactly the way it should be.Brick5

Once it is all marked out and measured correctly then Chris needs to start cutting the bricks to size.Brick3


Chris cutting each brick carefully to the right size and here is an example of a cut he has already completed.Brick6Brick7

The middle part of the Decorative wall is all laid out and cut to size.Brick8

The construction now starts and Chris does extremely well in constructing it carefully.Brick9

Here is Chris’ wall edging towards the end of construction and it looks great already.Brick10

Coming towards the end now and Chris is about to add the final line of bricks to his wall.Brick11

Finally here are Chris and Hoyol with their final pieces of work and they both look excellent!

Hoyol with his final Decorative Panel.

Hoyol with his final Decorative Panel.

Chris with his final Decorative Panel.

Chris with his final Decorative Panel.

Chris and Hoyol have both progressed fantastically in their 8 Week Bricklaying course. Considering neither of them have any bricklaying experience, they have completed a fantastic and very challenging structure. Well done to them both and we wish them the best of luck for the future!

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