What's going on in the bricklaying sector around the UK?


Bricklaying is a very important aspect of the construction industry and demands a large workforce across the country. Houses, infrastructure, commercial buildings and much more need the foundation of bricklaying!

We are a training facility where we cater for all types of construction training, including bricklaying courses. Depending on your skill level and understanding of bricklaying you will need to choose a course that suits your needs. Whether you are looking for an Experienced Bricklayers who need NVQ Course or you need to get the basics down through the help of an Accredited Bricklaying Course.


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The Salary Trends Depending on Job Vacancy for Bricklayers Around The UK.


This graph shows the average UK salary of a bricklayer depending on the jobs available at that current time, particularly between back in July 2018 to recently in June 2019. There is a high demand for bricklayers at the moment, which means that the average pay rate is increasing to entice professionals. It's the perfect time to educate yourself and gain a valuable trade. Our bricklaying courses will give you everything you need to be prepared for life on-site!

Check out our newest bricklaying course students getting some top quality practical experience: 

The demand for bricklayers is very high at the moment and the statistics back this claim, Able Skills offer simple and effective construction training for those looking to take advantage of this growing market. The construction sector as a whole will always be profitable for workers as there will never come a point where on-site workers won't be needed. Get involved and take a bricklaying course!

Here are the latest statistics on bricklaying:

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