Thistle Uni-Finish is a new invaluable product from British Gypsum, which allows plasterers to eliminate the need to pre-treat surfaces with PVA.

The product has been developed by the top plaster specialists to get rid of the hassle of two-step re-skimming, which has long been an acknowledged inconvenience for professionals. It has been designed to give a high quality plaster finish across a range of surfaces while providing the same benefits as bonding agent PVA.

The Innovation Team Manager at British Gypsum, Paul D’Arcy, said that they were well aware of how much of a “bugbear” two-step re-skimming is and hope that Thistle Uni-Finish can come to be seen as an easy solution for that.

“Thistle Uni-Finish is the first product of its kind and offers substantial benefits to plasterers and their customers,” he said. “For instance, installers no longer need to use multiple products, so there is less inconvenience and projects can be completed more efficiently.”

He added that they had been mindful of how tried and trusted two-step re-skimming is to make sure to emulate the effects of it as much as possible while eliminating the hassle. D’Arcy said, “This means plasterers can have the confidence that Thistle Uni-Finish will provide the same high quality and level of finish as its two-step counterpart.”