Workers who have taken a plumber training course need to be consulted first in the event of a common problem experienced by many households in the winter, according to Ed del Grande.

The plumbing expert, writing for HGTVPro, advised homeowners who hear a gurgling sound emanating from the bathtub when the toilet is flushed in cold weather that they "will need a licensed plumber to correct the problem".

He explained that the issue may be because of a drain vent line which may have become blocked with ice - known as a frost block.

This can occur when humid air freezes at the tip of the vent line, he said.

He added that "the solution may be to move the vent to a more protected area or increase the size of the vent line", but that this should be done by a professional.

Ed del Grande is an ex-comedian and has written a book called Ed Del Grande's House Call.

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