Carpet Fitter, Steven, came to Able Skills looking for a change of career. He decided that carpentry was the best option for him to go forward in the future.


After years of working as a Carpet Fitter, Steven decided he wanted to gain some carpentry skills and start buying and renovating apartments as a new career. So he chose the Level 2 Carpentry course and the NVQ to give him all the skills and knowledge he will need to carry out the jobs he will have.

Steven has been very happy with what he has learnt on the course so far, he also wasn’t expecting to learn so much. He gave a mention on all the basic carpentry skills he had learnt and that he also enjoyed learning the more complex tasks he was given as it allowed him to make mistakes and learn from what he had done wrong and to not make them again.

When going through certain aspects of the course, Steven was very glad to learn how to get to the finished product. He always knew the end product but never knew the stages to get there. This was one of his favourite parts of the course so far. Also he has found the roofing work very interesting.

Tim and Kevin have both had good words to say about Steven, and he has also been very complimentary of their teaching styles as he said ‘the instructors are the best part of the course’. Steven was very happy with the way they explained everything in lots of detail and took their time to make sure he understood.


Moving towards his future, Steven is now looking at the possibility of completing a Kitchen Fitting and Tiling course. However, after this course finishes he hopes to start buying some properties and renovating them and then moving into getting skills in other trades to improve his skill set.

Steven has proven it is never too late to make that switch in your career and start a whole new career with a whole new set of skills.

We would like to wish Steven the best of luck for the future and we hope to see him again soon!