It can be a minefield out there - you have made up your mind, you are ready to make the career change and get into the construction industry say, as an electrical installer, plumber, plasterer or kitchen fitter - but how do you choose the right course for you? Will you learn everything that is required? Is the training approved, up-to-date? Where can I go to find out some of the answers?

AbleSkills has set up an unique DIY advice Forum where you can check out the questions and answers posted by people in the same situation as yourself! Here you will find all sorts of bits of valuable information about courses, credentials and anecdotes which will help you to make your mind up.You can use it to ask what you need to specifically know, chat with others about what what they have found out, from finding a special tiling tool, changing a tricky shower head, getting Building Regulations info, a trade supplier of hard-to find-parts.

Probably most important of all at this stage, a dedicated section for exchanging information on training courses, honest, unbiased opinions and helpful advice.Joining the forum means you get a chance to becomer part of a construction skills based network and knowledge exchange with whom you can learn and discover with and even let them know about what you're up to - advertise yourself now and for the future.Get involved - take advantage and become part of the AbleSkills will help you to understand the industry and gives you an advantage in your formal training.