Every year we have hundreds of students come and go at our training centre as they go in search of a new career and this is no different in our carpentry centre. All the time we see students come from all over to train on one of our many carpentry courses and they each have a different story to tell. This week we have been busy in our carpentry centre, filming and talking to our carpentry students about their reasons for choosing the course.

Read about 7 of our current students as to why they choose Able Skills Carpentry Courses:


We have students that become a familiar face here at Able Skills and Rob is one of those. He has carried out training in Plumbing, Plastering and Carpentry as he completed the multi-craft course. He is looking to go out self-employed and these new skills allow him to carry out a range of work and has thought about coming back to potentially complete a Carpentry NVQ.


Kris is two weeks into his Carpentry NVQ course and is loving it so far. Being Lift Engineer, Kris thought of trying something new and he has always had an interest in Carpentry. So, he took the step to getting a new career with us at Able Skills. Kris is looking forward to finally working for himself with his new skills.


Next up is Catherine, she decided she wanted to try some different in her career. Working as an Actor, carpentry can be seen as quite different. Mainly working in Shakespeare shows, Catherine decided she wanted to get herself a trade and try something new. Her goals are to use her skills in an environmentally friendly way within a carpentry company after completing here 10 week course with us.


Not everyone at Able Skills is here for a new career and Helen is one of those. We run a wide range of introductory courses here at Able Skills and Helen took our five-day Introduction to Carpentry course for her own personal DIY development to carry out work in her own home. Helen is now considering a bricklaying course with us.


Sitting in one career your whole life can become tedious and Josh decided to change his office job for a career in carpentry. Just one week into his carpentry course and Josh is loving it already and is already planning for the future. Initially he plans to go out and work for a company before he then goes onto working for himself.


Ishac has been a regular face at Able Skills for some time now as he has completed a Handy-Man package with us. Carrying out training in a number of our centres and now is completing his training with a carpentry course. Ishac has taken this course to enhance his work as he is currently in maintenance and it enables him to carry out a lot more jobs.


Charlotte is another that has taken some training for personal development. She moved into her own place and is now looking to carry out some DIY jobs herself and she decided our Introduction to Carpentry course was the best starting point. However, Charlotte has now looked at the possibility of a new career.

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We would like to wish all of these students the best of luck in whatever they choose to do in the future and hope to see them again soon!

If you are interested in any of our carpentry courses, please contact us on 01322 280 202 for more information.