There is a lot of confusion about what sort of electrical courses people need to take in order to become a fully qualified electrician so it is vital to choose a training centre that can set you in the right direction.

Reputable training centres pride themselves on providing the right information to trainees who want to enter the electrical industry whether it is a domestic installer, a qualified electrician or a solar panel designer.

There is a big difference between becoming an electrician and training as a domestic installer so trainees are advised to do their research beforehand and then contact a centre if they have any further questions.

Quality training centres will be able to give guidance on Part P and domestic installer training options as well as what it takes to become a fully qualified electrician in all sectors.

A domestic installer is able to perform electrical installations on appliances such as components, cables and lighting systems within the home and needs a certain number of qualifications.

For a domestic installer to be able to perform and self-certify their work they need to take Part P courses which will educate them about the necessary safety standards that they need to adhere to.